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In the Footsteps of Giants’ is a story, drumming, movement and art workshop hosted by Fiona Flynn. The workshop will be held in the beautiful Geopark site, the Cavan Burren Park.

This workshop will introduce the story of how ‘Giant’s Leap’ chasm got its name from folklore of two young giants, Lugh and Lag who challenged each other to jump a gorge. The children will be encouraged to imagine what the world might look like for a giant – how tall a giant would be – how high in comparison to the trees.

They will be encouraged to recreate how giant footsteps might sound using drumbeats on a selection of hand drums. They will then explore and follow in the footsteps of giants through guided movement meditation into dance, exploring different tempos, large footsteps, small footsteps, taking up space and then back to stillness. Finally the group will come together to create an art piece – drawing and decorating their own footprints – which will then all be added to a larger ‘Giant Footprint’.

Suitable for ages 6 – 12.

Please wear suitable footwear and warm waterproof clothing but also factor in sunny weather.

Please note that dogs (with the exception of Guide dogs) are not permitted at this event.

This event is funded thanks to Shared Island and Creative Ireland.

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