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We suit all needs!

We are dedicated to ensuring that everybody can enjoy and avail of services County Cavan.

The Johnston County Library which houses the Tourist Information Office has won several national and international awards for accessibility. In addition, Cavan Town won a prestigious European tourism award (2013) for its progressive work on improving accessibility to visitors with a disability – the “European Destination of Excellence” (EDEN) award as part of an EU-wide competition.

Cavan town was also the proud receipient of a World Responsible Tourism award in 2014 in the category ‘Best for People with Disabilities’

Click below to watch short documentary on accessibility in Cavan
Cavan accessibility

Disabled Go

We also host an online accessibility audit called Disabled Go, which gives visitors to Cavan detailed information on over 500 businesses and activities in the town and county.
Disabled Go / Cavan will help empower people with disabilities to make informed decisions with an understanding of the facilities and levels of access they are likely to encounter. This guide gives information covering accommodation, restaurants, bars, shops as well as transport and council services.
Click below to see short video on Cavan’s accessible tourist attractions.
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